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Round Square Conference


Round Square Conference

Attending a Round Square conference provides students with a unique opportunity to meet other students from all over the Oceanic region, and even the world. This year six delegates from our School had an amazing time at the regional Round Square Conference in Auckland, hosted by King’s College.

During the Conference our students provided service in the form of gardening at a local primary school and knitting squares to make blankets for babies, as well as listening to international speakers about leadership and helping others.

Conservation of the environment was a central theme at this conference as students found out about the challenges facing the flora and fauna of this beautiful country. The influence of the Māori culture on life in New Zealand was evident and our students learned Māori songs and attended a hangi at a marae (a meal at a traditional meeting place).

They looked into the crater of two volcanoes, enjoyed water sports on Auckland Harbour and took part in an exciting version of the Amazing Race and even saw the famous kiwi bird!

The King’s College students even taught the international students the Haka which was performed as a mass Haka on our last day. This conference showed the students that by working as a team they could each embody the six Round Square Pillars of Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service and in doing so unite together to become a community of global citizens. Even better, it was a lot of fun!

Students learned that if they work together, if they use their strengths and if they collect all of the power that they have in their own hands and put this towards a common cause… nothing is too big for them to change. That is the power of Kotahitanga: Unity Oneness Harmony.