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Robocup Team Takes Out Win


Robocup Team Takes Out Win

It has been a great pleasure this year to lead and mentor our Robot Club Roboteers! During the course of 2016 we have been committed to building a variety of robots and constructing code so that our creations operate autonomously in their own environment.  We experience some wonderful learning opportunities along the way, with many of our robots seemingly having a mind of their own! Our experiences encouraged our creativity and after many design and coding changes we felt that we should challenge ourselves with entry to the regional RoboCup competition. Feeling woefully ill-prepared, yet excited at being involved with a larger robot building community, we entered two teams into the competition, one for Secondary Rescue (OpereBots) and the other in Open Rescue (Simplici Nomine). Over the term break we spent six days rapidly prototyping our competition entries and preparing our strategy for each of the competitive rounds.

This was the first time Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School had participated in the two day RoboCup competition. Upon arrival we were struck by just how big a competition this was with over 120 teams competing across the categories. Our goal was to experience as much as possible by observing and recording the actions of the competitive robots and talking to other RoboCup teams about their RoboCup journey.

The rounds progressed quickly and by the end of day one both teams had scored well, actually very well with the OpereBots team finishing just outside of a finals position with a 10th place and the Simplici Nomine team finishing in a finals position in 5th place! The finals were a very tense event with eight teams competing in a knock out round, with the top three teams going on to compete for gold, silver and bronze medallions. It was with delight that we made the top three and competed for one of the regional medallions. As they announced the winning order it was with great surprise that we had taken the top prize gold and the accolade of WA Open Rescue Regional Champion 2016. This was an amazing result for our RoboCup teams and we are now known as the team to watch in future Robocup competitions.

This has been a fantastic learning journey for our students and one which they can now build upon. Coding and being part of a wider coding community has helped us rise to the challenge, develop new skills, learn from failures and compete successfully at a state level.

Mr Martin Dooling :: Co-ordinator of Digital Learning