Recycling program launched | Bunbury Cathedral Grammar

Recycling program launched


Recycling program launched

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School launched its Greenbatch Recycling Program in this week in an effort to reduce single-use plastics going to landfill.

Greenbatch Foundation CEO Darren Lomman visited the School to introduce students to the program and encourage support.

The School will host four collection receptacles around the campus for students to deposit PET bottles and packaging, which will then be collected by Greenbatch monthly. At the facility, labels are removed, the bottles and lid shredded, the two types of plastic separated in a flotation tanks, and then the lid material recycled in to the reels whilst the bottle material recycled into filament, and all is returned back to us in the next bottle pick up run, for use in our schools 3D printers. This is real closed loop recycling in action.​ 

As the only regional school involved in pilot schools program, Head of School Michael Giles said he hopes this sets a positive precedent for other schools to get involved.

“It is imperative that students are educated about sustainability measures, such as recycling, to ensure we can all do our bit to reduce our environmental impact,” Mr Giles said.

“Our students will be building collection cages towards the end of the term as part of the School’s Impact Week.

“I believe that knowing that their water bottles will become the filaments for our 3D printers will be a great motivator for our students to get involved.

“This program is just one of the ways we are reducing our impact on the environment. We are already recycling coffee pods within the local community and making boomerang bags. We were recently recognised for our water saving initiatives and have installed 180KW solar panels – the largest educational installation in Australia.”

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