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Planting for the Future


Planting for the Future

Hope can be defined as “to wish for a particular event that one considers possible.” It was with this thought in mind that our Year 10 students embarked on a community service day of tree planting.

Many students hoped that it would be over quickly and that they would not have to do much work, while others hoped the rain would hold and off and they would not get wet. However, after having the history of the tree planting site explained to them and being told that the site they were working on would one day be returned to natural vegetation, the students set to planting new trees and caring for the already planted trees by weeding and mulching the seedlings.

As the day progressed the thoughts progressed from “how quickly will this be over?” to “how many trees will survive?” and “is there anything else we can do to help this site return to natural bushland?” and finally “do we have to go back to School? This is much more fun.” The students also participated in a beach clean-up which gave them the chance to understand that with a little bit of effort, a couple of kilometres of beach could be cleaned, removing damaging objects from the environment, whilst walking and chatting with their friends.

It was through this community service work that the students started to look at hope not as only an idea for personal gain but they became mindful that hope can be an optimistic notion; with a little effort they can create hope within a community.

In total over 300 trees were planted and another 300 trees were weeded and mulched and twenty bags of rubbish were removed from the beach. I would like to thank all the staff and the Year 10 students involved in making it such a fun and hopeful day.