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Pitch Makes For Perfect Cricket


Pitch Makes For Perfect Cricket

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School’s Tony Brooker Pavilion and surrounding sporting fields are a wonderful sight. But when you look at our cricket pitch, it is what you can’t see that makes this pitch such an amazing sporting facility.

Nestled beneath the surface are layers of clay, sourced from the same South West farm which provides the Western Australian Cricket Association with their cricket pitch clay. Meaning our fast and bouncing pitch has the ability to produce some pretty cracking cricket!

You may think keeping a cricket pitch in good condition is an easy process, but creating perfect pitch conditions is quite a technical and time consuming process. Attention to detail, weather patterns, watering and levels of fertilisation all have to be taken into account to produce the perfect pitch.

Groundsmen Mr Terry Letts and Mr Paul Davey have been given the task of managing the turf wicket block and attended a two day clay grass preparation seminar in Sydney, focusing on the basics of turf wicket preparation, maintenance and repair. They have also visited the WACA for discussions with original pitch curator Cam Southerland and for short seminars on various wicket management components.

The central driver behind the training was for the School’s Grounds Staff to gain the knowledge required to consistently produce a wicket that would offer premium performance for both batting and bowling. To this end, it seems the investment has paid off with some excellent batting and bowling statistics coming from some of our very talented young cricketers.

During the summer, the School played host to a number of teams from other South West schools and also teams from the Perth area.

With a cracking new pitch we are hoping the cricket bug will be infectious as our enthusiastic students of all ages enjoy this latest state of the art addition to our sports facilities.