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Mentoring Our Students


Mentoring Our Students

There have been some exciting new developments within the Senior mentor role this year that provide support, connections and advice to both our recent school leavers and our current students.

The role of Senior Mentor has been a busy one during the first semester. Fielding student concerns about courses of study and living in another city, organising Life after School seminars for Year 12 students and University visits to Notre Dame and Murdoch.

University visits are an excellent way to gain information about new opportunities and courses for our students, and provide opportunities to connect with some of our recent leavers at their Universities and their residential colleges.

As part of our Life after School seminar series visiting speakers have included Richard Macliver (Class of 2011) talking about UWA and life at Trinity Residential College, Louise Biggs (a former All Saints’ College student) speaking about GAP Year opportunities around the globe with Latitude and Ian Hardy, the Warden of St George’s College who spoke to some of our Year 11 students about life at St George’s Residential College. These seminars have been well supported by a number of senior students who have attended the voluntary sessions. All speakers have been very well received and they will no doubt continue to be supported in Semester 2.

Email communication with students has been implemented, keeping Year 12 students appraised of GAP Year opportunities and further study information – adding to the well-used notice boards and flyer holders in the Year 12 Common Room. Many individual discussions have resulted from the information provided in these emails when students take up the opportunity to discuss future courses of study and GAP Year opportunities during recess, lunchtime or during their study periods.

The role of Senior Mentor is important in aiding the development of resilient young people as they transition from School into further study or a career. Both former students and our current Year 12 cohort have been positive in the feedback regarding the support and connections received through the introduction of this role.

There has also been considerable interest shown in the Senior Mentor role by other independent schools and many are realising that commitment to our students should not end at the point where fees are no longer paid, but should be ongoing. As schools who care, we have a responsibility to maintain a firm commitment and links with not only our current students, but also our former students.