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Lishman Lap of Valour


Lishman Lap of Valour

Lishman Lap of Valour in 2017

The best of the School’s runners carried the baton for their Houses around the 1km loop for the 2017 Lishman Lap of Valour. The Knight House boys managed to retain the trophy for their event for the 5th year in a row. The lead changed a few times in the girls’ race and with only the Year 12 students left, it seemed that Knight had the advantage. The large group of spectators was surprised and excited when a Goldsmith shirt appeared first at the top of the final hill. It was Kate Mellet who produced an amazing run to claim a very courageous win for Goldsmith. Congratulations to all the competitors for taking on the challenge and for making the event such a success. It was wonderful to have Mrs Jean Lishman to start the race and to present the trophies and medals to the winning Houses.

I Dale :: HOLA Health and Physical Education

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The History

The annual Lishman Lap of Valour recognises the outstanding contribution the Lishman family has made to the School. 

The relay race around the School grounds is held as a tribute to Val and Jean Lishman, following on the resignation of Mr Val Lishman as Chairman of the Board of Governors in 1995, a position he held for 21 years. Since Mr Val Lishman’s death in April 2016, Mrs Jean Lishman has graciously attended the Secondary School relay, signalling the start of the race with the ringing of the Carbot Castle bell.
Mr Val and Jean Lishman are two of the School’s most significant founders, with Val’s connection to the School dating back to the mid-1960s, when he was hand-picked by Bishop Hawkins to present Bunbury Diocese Synod with the ambitious concept of establishing an Independent, Anglican, Day and Boarding School for both boys and girls. Val went on to serve  on the School’s Provisional Council followed by 21 years on the Board of Governors, with two terms as Chairman of the Board.
Jean also served as a member of the Board for 21 years, from 1973 to 1994. Prior to the School’s opening in 1972 and throughout its early years, Jean played a major role on the Uniform Committee, and from 1973 to 1978 she was the Board’s Honorary Secretary. Jean is an Honorary Life Member of the Board of Governors.
Perhaps more importantly than all other contributions, Val and Jean had a significant impact on the development of the School’s unique identity. The ethos of the School today to a large part reflects their input and attributes. The Lishman Library and the Lishman Lap of Valour are named in recognition of the outstanding and ongoing contribution that the Lishman family has made to the School.

Despite 1995 being the first date on the trophy and the year Mr Lishman retired, the lap’s inaugurating year is a mystery. Staff and students at the School between 1990 and 1995 have provided pieces to the puzzle that suggests it could have started as early as 1992, but cannot be confirmed.