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Learning about literature


Learning about literature

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School students were encouraged to explore and interpret literature using innovative techniques during a visit from Jenny Botje, Senior Education Officer at the Fremantle-based Literature Centre.

Students in Years 3, 4 and 5 engaged in visual literacy, writing and drama activities within the illustrations of the picture book Teacup written by Rebecca Young and illustrated by Matt Ottley.

The session aimed to nurture an interest in reading and writing in a “non-threatening, verbal environment”, according to Mrs Botje.

“By using visual and verbal learning, it allows students who struggle with reading and writing to get involved and not switch off because they can fully engage with the illustrations,” Mrs Botje said.

“In both sessions [Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School] students suggested interpretations that I haven’t heard before. It is so rewarding to have the students so engaged.”

Mrs Botje has been visiting Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School for the past seven years to encourage students to become more engaged with visual literature.

The students were encouraged to ask questions and move past literal meanings to discover different representations of both written and visual materials from the book.

Teacup has an underlying theme of refugees, inspired by Rebecca Young’s grandparents who were refugees from China.

The sessions provided opportunity for the students to discuss symbolism, match text with illustrations from the book and compare preliminary drawings with final illustrations.

Take a look at some of the photos from Jenny Botje's visit with the Year 3 and Year 5s.