Language Perfect World Championships Results | Bunbury Cathedral Grammar

Language Perfect World Championships Results


Language Perfect World Championships Results

With a total of 80 awards, Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School students have excelled in the Language Perfect World Championships in 2017 which ran from Monday, 15 May to Thursday, 25 May 2017.

The School has been ranked first in Western Australia and eighth in Australia for the 101 to 250 students category. Students achieved the following:

  • One student achieved an Elite Award (10,000+ points),
  • 14 achieved Gold (3,000+ points),
  • 9 Silver (2,000+ points),
  • 23 Bronze (1,000+ points),
  • 33 Credits (500+ points)

Language Perfect is an online learning platform designed to improve learning outcomes and increase engagement for students learning a language.

Hundreds of thousands of students from more than 1,200 schools in 27 countries have competed in the World Championships this year.

This is what the Japanese students from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School had to say about Language Perfect:

"I love Education Perfect because it is a fun way to learn new languages and I have totally improved since I have started learning the language,” Olivia Teede.

"I really enjoy Education Perfect, especially when I need to study for a Japanese test. It is so handy to have every part of a test in one place. You can read, write and listen. I also really enjoy how I can practise writing my characters on this program. I'm really looking forward to the Olympics!" Sarah Mazzucchelli.

"I like Education Perfect because it gives you different ways of learning the language," Julia Spencer.

"I'm enjoying learning different words in a different language and doing it in such a fun way," Kade Prowse.