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The Jungle Book


The Jungle Book

An actor stands on stage and utters a single sentence. “I’m putting in a transfer to another herd.” Yet this actor does not stand alone when delivering the line. They have a shared understanding that an entire team of people are supporting them to ensure that the line is as effective as possible whilst they are the focus. In a short moment, the same actor will be responsible for supporting another, as the focus shifts. Such is the nature of theatre: an individual may be in the limelight but it is the team that helps them be the best they can be.

From the stage manager running the show to the sound technician soldering electronics half an hour before opening, every member of the production team plays an integral role in the realisation of a performance. Students are provided many varied opportunities to contribute to the School Production beside the acting role. They are responsible for operating the lighting desk, liaising between the director and musical director, running warm-ups, constructing props and often, creating and refining scenes.

Ask a student, or indeed an adult who was in their School Play, about what they remember and you will rarely receive an answer about the amazing set, the great songs and music or the moment they were in the spotlight. Most will speak of the friendships made and the camaraderie formed by performing together. Some call it the production family: the people who come together, year after year, to help put on the show. We have a strong tradition at Bunbury Grammar of former students returning to help with the production. Whether it is to build the set, run workshops, develop scenes or simply to watch the show, they feel a great sense of satisfaction in contributing, even though the time of their expected commitment has long surpassed.

This year, the teamwork shown at The Jungle Book was no different. The set, consisting of polystyrene sheets, synthetic grass and artificial plants, was constructed by a team of current and former students. The musical score, arranged by Mr Shaun Molewyk, was performed primarily by students as was the lighting, sound and backstage tasks. Standout performances by Maddy Wright (as Mowgli), Holly Fandry (as Bagheera) and Willow Springate (as Baloo) were exceptional, however they were made so by the combined support of every individual within the team. Without that team, without all the people supporting that actor, that single line could not be delivered.