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Grandparents' Day Highlights Relationships


Grandparents' Day Highlights Relationships

“It's interesting that I had such a close relationship with my grandfather. Because your parents always judge you: they say, 'You shouldn't do this, you shouldn't do that.' But with your grandparents you have a feeling that you can say anything or you can do anything, and they will support you. That's why you have this kind of connection.” - Novak Djokovic

In Week 10 of Term 1, I had the pleasure of joining our Year 1 students, teachers and grandparents for our annual Grandparents’ Day. A new year and some new families have joined our community.  It was a special event with grandparents and grandchildren learning equally from each other. It was heartening to again observe the wonderful relationships between grandchildren and their grandparents as stories on unique and memorable artefacts were shared from the past, along with an understanding of current and future technologies.

Grandparents hold an important place in children’s lives and there are many studies that focus on the positive impact grandparents have on children’s development. My grandparents did many wonderful things with me when I was young. I was taken fishing to Coogee Beach in NSW, I went bowling, to the movies, out to dinner, had nights to stay and they were often keen spectators at football and cricket matches when I was growing up. My matchbox car collection, which is sadly no more, grew only through the great sponsorship of my grandmother. I was told jokes and stories - some were funny but some also of family, they were verbal historians.

My grandparents had wisdom and the messages they gave have stayed with me; “Do what you believe is right,” “Treat people, how you would like to be treated yourself,” “Don’t listen to doubters,” “Help people in need,” “Things WILL improve,” “Work hard and the rewards will come.” These are just some of the small but powerful messages they gave me. They were the closest adults with the most time to give. Now, my own parents became grandparents and have done the same for our children.

Grandparents provide a link in families so the young can see the generation change. As a child, I watched my parents in their relationship with their parents. Today I see my parents as grandparents to our children and watch the parent-child relationship that is evident when we are in their home. This is one important way of how we learn positive relationships. Through these relationships across generations we understand respect for our elders.

Our Grandparents’ Day was a very special day and an invaluable learning experience for our children. Personally, I will always have fond memories of those childhood relationships I had with my grandparents.

Mr Martin Tait :: Head of Primary