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Developing the leaders of tomorrow


Developing the leaders of tomorrow

On Friday, 24 March, Mrs Waddinham and Mr Duff took a group of Year 6 captains to the GRIP Leadership Conference at the Italian Club in Bunbury.

It was a great opportunity for a range of schools to come together and work on a range of different skills to strengthen their leadership capabilities.

The 2017 event saw around 100 students interact with each other and share their ideas and feelings.

The GRIP facilitators did a fantastic job of inspiring and informing the children. They also energised them through a range of fun activities which got them up and excited.

This is what some of the students had to say:

Daniella Botha- The leadership conference was definitely the highlight of my week. All the activities we did really boosted my confidence and will come in handy for later events. There are a lot if things to being a leader and we looked at the main four in many fantastic ways. But my favourite bit was definitely the loud noises. We did many activities such as dancing and drawing with elbows! This GRIP conference is definitely worth it.

Tim Dukes- I thought that the leadership conference was fun and i enjoyed talking to different leaders in different schools. We all had a little book which has activities we had to fill out. I think that the best activity was LOUD NOISES! because you could do really fun stuff like Epic Win and Epic Fail. Everybody loved it. We played Leadermon Go and lots of other activates. The main theme was Zootopia the movie.

Soham Saini- I enjoyed every single bit of the conference but I particularly enjoyed the outside the box session. I learnt that some puzzles can only be solved if we think outside the box.

Tayla Andrew- I liked the GRIP Leadership Conference because it helped me understand how to put my ideas into action and how to be a great leader. It also made me think about my strengths and weaknesses and other's strengths.

GRIP stands for Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity and People.