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Challenging the Channel


Challenging the Channel

The Rottnest Channel Swim is a massive undertaking that would only be made possible with the help of many members of the Bunbury Grammar community. This year 25 swimmers took on the challenge of the swim, supported by crews, kayakers and parents. Here are some thoughts from the day from a variety of people involved:

This is our fourth time involved in the Rottnest Channel Swim through BCGS and we will hopefully be back for a fifth. I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Bob Marshall for coordinating and managing this huge event for the children at the school and thanks to the teachers at the school for giving up their free time for our children to have this opportunity. :: Mrs Julie Williams, Parent

The idea of completing such a large swim really appealed to me because I knew it would be a day that I looked back on and was proud of. I wanted to challenge myself, and according to my family it really wasn't that bad. I would always recommend trying the Rottnest Swim. Swimming through the ocean isn't as bad as it sounds, especially if you compete in a team of four. It's a great day out, and it is so fulfilling when you finally run up the shore to the finish line. :: Cameron Roth, Swimmer

My daughter Elsemieke knows that I like a challenge of this nature and so she volunteered me for this role. Even if she had not, I would gladly have taken it on as I like to give back to the larger community… as I feel that everyone should set goals and strive as best they can to achieve them as it helps us build a better world. The role of paddler is a great opportunity to be on the front line of the event and requires only a moderate amount of skill (balance) and a kind voice/attitude to help the swimmers along in what for them is quite a gruelling but very rewarding event. :: Mr David Marren, Parent and Kayaker

It was an inspiring, humbling experience. I could not believe how many people out there who did not have a child in the event were willing to crew for such an arduous event! :: Mrs Tina Maree, Parent and Staff Member

Nothing can compare to the ecstatic feeling of crossing the finish line with your team, and that's what motivates me to keep coming back for more every year. It's a wonderful experience to share with friends; I've become so close to the girls I've swum with in the past, and it's so rewarding. It would be impossible for the swimmers to achieve their goal and cross the channel without the support of all the parents, teacher and friends, so I'm extremely grateful for all their efforts. :: Amber Anderson, Swimmer