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Celebrating Languages Week


Celebrating Languages Week

If you have the character strength Love of Learning, it means you typically feel good whenever you have a chance to increase your knowledge. All the Languages staff love to learn; it’s intrinsic in what we do all the time, as languages and cultures are constantly changing and developing. It was therefore the aim of the Languages Department this semester to promote this strength in our celebration of Languages Week in the Secondary School.

Even before the week started, posters containing many interesting facts about language learning around the world appeared in various places round the School. The week began with Multicultural Monday, when the Year 7 Centre was turned into a hub of cultural activities for the students to enjoy. It felt good to be able to include everyone in the activities, not just those students studying French and Japanese, and the students were also able to benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm of staff members from outside the Languages Learning Area who helped out with some of the activities. The students had fun learning many new things as they rotated through the activities in small groups. They enjoyed making origami boxes, learning the etiquette and technique of using chopsticks, cooking crêpes, making a cooling mint mocktail at a “French Café,” participating in a quiz on European art, listening to a story about Vietnam, learning about Japanese toys and learning how to play French boules.

During the course of the week, students in Years 9 to 12 participated in ACER examinations in French and Japanese. All Languages students were encouraged with the slogan “Wear Your Slippers For Languages Week” to follow the Japanese tradition of leaving their shoes outside the classrooms and wearing their slippers inside.

In the Japanese classes, Year 7 students played Hiragana games, including Hiragana PacMan, and the Year 8 students made origami frogs and balloons. In Year 8 French students researched some interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower, competed to build the best Eiffel Tower from drinking straws, created Eiffel Towers from a template and ended the week by cooking themselves a feast of delicious crêpes.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the activities as much as we did and took away some new knowledge and experiences.