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Celebrating Indigenous Scholarships


Celebrating Indigenous Scholarships

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School’s Indigenous Scholarship Programme is now in its second year and we are energised about its potential. During February this year the School brought together members of the Goomburrup Aboriginal Corporation, our Head of School, Student Executive, students from Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School and news media to promote and celebrate the programme and its recipients. Our special guest, the Minister for Education, the Hon Mr Peter Collier, spoke about the importance of providing educational opportunities to indigenous students and was on hand to congratulate our Indigenous Scholarship recipients.

Our School recognises that one very significant area in which indigenous people suffer disadvantage is with respect to educational opportunities. Educational programmes can provide indigenous people with enhanced opportunities within society, positive role models and increased circumstances in which social and cultural recognition and integration can take place.

As a School we have a strong commitment to bridging the gap between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. We believe that all students have a right to an excellent education and our goals for the programme align with this vision. Increasing the number of indigenous enrolments as reflected in the wider population remains a priority for the School.

By offering a range of scholarships, as part of an education programme for indigenous young people, we are enhancing the opportunities for all students at the School and multiculturalism at Bunbury Grammar. As a school we are pleased to offer a scholarship programme which will enable eligible students and families a chance to benefit from an excellent education here in the South West, without students having to move away from family and loved ones.

The School is currently affiliated with the local Goomburrup Aboriginal Corporation and we are working in conjunction with Goomburrup on a range of projects. This relationship enables us to meet with the local Aboriginal population in the South West and to be involved in a range of projects with shared goals aiming to achieve complementary outcomes.

Furthermore our students have enjoyed a growing relationship with their peers at Djidi Djidi School through our Year 3 partnership. Students have enjoyed playing games and sport and learning through cultural emersion opportunities between the two schools.

Congratulations to our inaugural Indigenous Scholarship recipient, Maddison Bedford, and 2015 recipients Brodie Ely and Brody McCreanor!