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Celebrating Girls' Football


Celebrating Girls' Football

2015 marks the centenary of women’s Australian rules football, first played in Perth as a wartime fundraiser in 1915. Bunbury has its own surprisingly long history of female football, with the Bunbury Girls’ Football Association established here in 1921. Today women’s Australian rules football is played throughout Australia and across the world, and Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School can hold its head high in the role it has played in the sport’s development.

Women’s football is on the brink of exciting times with a national competition looming to sit alongside the AFL men’s competition. Future players face the opportunity of playing women’s Australian rules as professionals. The road for women’s football however, has not been easy, with many challenges over the last 100 years. It is interesting to look back and think about who we have to thank for the great sport we enjoy today.

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School we can be grateful to a number of people for their outstanding efforts over the last 18 years since girls’ football began here. Current girls’ Football Captain, Claudia Rowell, is excited about the future of women’s football and extremely appreciative for the work of people who believed in the sport and has given it so many years of outstanding support. 2014 Captain, Katelyn Lubcke, credits Mr Marshall as an inspiration to herself and so many other players.

2005 Captain, Rachel Paterson, looks back a little further. She is exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to play football at Bunbury Grammar and credits many teachers but also 1997 student Rebecca Prosser, who continually urged the teachers to let the girls form a team and did not give up until it happened! Rebecca herself says that it was because of Mr Marshall’s support that she was able to fulfil her football dream and she is excited to see how far it has come since then.

Our School recently played a key role in the celebration of the centenary of Women’s Football with the South West BounceDown Exhibition held at Palmer Oval in late March. The Gary Johnston Memorial Cup between Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School and Presbyterian Ladies College was a particular highlight of the weekend’s events and both schools can be thankful for the outstanding work of past teacher Mr Gary Johnston. We have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to!