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Bunbury Grammar Performs at Prix


Bunbury Grammar Performs at Prix

The RAC Pedal Prix has been described as the V8 supercars of cycling or “human powered vehicle racing.” Currently in its second year in WA, Pedal Prix is a highly engaging co-curricular programme which involves students designing and building a car-styled bike which is raced against other bikes around a circuit for six hours continuously!

The character strength of Teamwork relates to individuals excelling as members of a group. Loyal and dedicated teammates share common goals and always do their share in working hard for the ultimate success of the group. This was certainly the case for our Pedal Prix team leaders who showed initiative and commitment in the building phase of the bike, and for our full team who supported each other with enthusiasm in the long and sometimes gruelling race at the Busselton foreshore! Pit stops and driver changes were made every 10 minutes and they could only be achieved with maximum efficiency if students worked together and everyone knowing their own role. The bike was kept running right up to the final flag and this was due to the team members unstinting support of each other and excellent team problem solving skills!

Thank you to Engineers Australia (South West) for their support of the Pedal Prix team this year!