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Boarding In Year 7


Boarding In Year 7

This year has seen the introduction of an exciting new programme in Boarding designed to welcome our youngest students into our Boarding community. The Year 7 Boarding Transition Programme has already been a great success, helping them to settle into new routines and minimising feelings of homesickness during the first few months of living away from their families.

Specifically designed to strengthen the pastoral care delivered to our Year 7 Boarders, this group are given additional opportunities to bond and also to enjoy more regular direct contact with staff, particularly dedicated activities with our Junior Boarders’ Co-ordinator.

Currently our Year 7 Boarders are accommodated together in two adjacent Units and will move into their respective Houses during Semester 2. This mimics the structure that Boarders currently experience in their day schooling at our Year 7 Transition Centre. Supervising Unit Seniors have been specifically chosen for the level of care and attention they give to Junior Boarders and are proving very popular with their charges. The Year 7 Units are in close proximity to the Dining Room, Laundry and Cafe, minimising the challenges of being in the right place at the right time. Year 7 Boarders also have a separate time for Prep, from 6.45pm – 8.00pm and an earlier bedtime – making sure weary heads can hit their pillows a little sooner!