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#BCGSimpact week


#BCGSimpact week

Our School hosted Impact Week for students from Years 7 to 9 during the last week of Term 2.  View the photo gallery! 

In a nutshell, Impact Week is a week of creativity, problem solving, innovation and teamwork.

During #BCGSimpact, each student took part in a five-day project or two two-and-a-half-day projects.

The aim of each project was to work as a team to solve an issue or problem, whilst developing particular character strengths and IDEALS. The week simultaneously promoted the Round Square IDEALS of internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership and service.

Some projects provided a great deal of scope for students to be creative, to think ‘outside the square’ and to develop new ideas. Other projects allowed students to become researchers, to be innovative and to use data to inform their thinking.

Planning, construction, demonstration and revelation makes the #BCGSimpact week an amazing experience.

The week culminated in a fair to showcase each project and the work students have achieved during the course of the week.

The 16 projects included:

  • Anglicare Activities
  • The Green Wall
  • Mural Installation
  • Bike Riding and Building
  • Media and Reporting
  • Orienteering
  • Beauty of Recycling
  • Indigenous Experience
  • Creating for a Cause
  • Digital Technology
  • Dune Restoration
  • Café Philosophy
  • Cape to Cape
  • International Foods
  • Keeping Bunbury Warm
  • The Fire Pit

Students interviewed Mr Michael Giles, Head of School, as part of the Media and Reporting group. To hear his insights into what Impact Week is all about, follow the link to our Facebook page to listen to the interview.