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Art Refurbishment Sparks Creative Flair


Art Refurbishment Sparks Creative Flair

Open, spacious, airy, bright, fresh, bigger and easier to move around in are some of the descriptions being used to praise the newly refurbished Art Department.

The former Food Technology room has been fabulously remodelled into a wonderful drawing studio and flexible work space. Having a space dedicated to drawing is pretty awesome and watching the students standing at their easels doing some great large drawings is equally amazing.

The two main studio areas have been remodelled into three studio areas, with the addition of a fantastic sculpture room and a very professional kiln room which is twice the size of the previous kiln room. There are two new large kilns with a state-of-the-art exhaust system. It is fantastic!

New tables and stools, painted walls, large monitors in all rooms, an Art Technician room and a new art office have certainly added to the overall positive artistic energy of the Art department.

A huge thank you to all staff involved in making the Art Department a more pleasant place to create art in for all.

Mrs Caroline Cooper :: Art Teacher