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Art Exhibition Delights


Art Exhibition Delights

The Art and Technology exhibition once again launched the Arts Festival with a burst of creative excellence. The Technology department exhibited of mesmerising portraits and stunning images that captured the relationship between the human form and the environment. Textiles were represented by the wonderful fashion designs and funky toys which appealed to the young and old, and wood and metal work displayed high quality pieces that certainly impressed on opening night.

Primary Visual Arts displayed a variety of themes such as birds, the beach, dinosaurs, fish, cats, and fantastic dogs. I am always amazed at the variety of sophisticated skills, techniques and mediums used, which were especially prevalent in the dog sculptures. The joy of discovery, exploration and pushing the boundaries were certainly evident in Primary’s colourful contributions to this Exhibition. Did I mention how awesome the dog sculptures were?

Senior Visual Arts had a large range of portraiture on display, and one visitor to the Exhibition noted “you can feel all those eyes looking at you.” Year 12 students showcased the Exhibition with painting being the main studio selected this year, and themes ranged from baby's first iPhone, zebra exploding from the floor, space, stress and journeys.

Our Year 11 students started the year working with the portrait artist Mr John Garde and this had a huge impact on their work. Oil, acrylic paint, ink, beads and clay were used to create some lovely portrait paintings and sculptures. Lino prints, clay work of crazy characters, paintings of fantasy themes and outfits made from recycled clothing were displayed by our Year 7 to Year 10 students. I also want to say huge well done to the staff that had their own work on display.

A huge thank you must go to all staff and students involved in putting together another wonderful night. Special mention goes to Year 6 student Ruth Martin for emceeing, Head of the Arts Learning Area Mrs Lynette Fahie for opening the Exhibition with some very inspirational words, President of the Old Grammarians’ Association Belinda Dycer for presenting the OGA Acquisition Award for 2015 and Food Technology for catering and serving the very artistic food on the night. Congratulations to all award winners also!