Nature Play | Bunbury Cathedral Grammar

Early Learning

Nature Play

Our Nature Play themed outdoor areas adjacent to each of our early childhood classrooms bring nature to the forefront of playtime for our youngest students. Our Kindy to Year 2 students thoroughly enjoy having a blank canvas within these four beautiful spaces where they can play and learn.

Nature Play is founded on the premise that unstructured play in the outdoors is important for a full and healthy childhood. By providing large grassed and tree-filled landscapes to play in, our students are actively engaging in the world around them and using their imaginations for play. The decision to include monkey bars in our playgrounds has been met with great success by our little students, while cubby houses, climbing frames, trees and bike paths are major drawcards in our play area.

Continuing the Nature Play theme, our Year 1 and Year 2 playgrounds have also been transformed. An exercise trail around the perimeter of the grassed area has been re-surfaced and landscaped. These playgrounds now include sandpits, climbing frames, bike paths, a living tunnel, growing trees, cubby houses, play mounds, logs and rocks.

Outdoor classrooms also provide for the learning experiences for our students.


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