Mathematics | Bunbury Cathedral Grammar



Taught by highly trained specialist teachers, Mathematics at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School follows the Australian Curriculum. Students are given individual care to help them perform at their highest capacity. Each classroom is equipped with Smart Boards which enable excellent delivery of course material in many different ways. Students also have access to all of their text books in e-book forms as well as online mathematical games and support material they can access from home.

Classes are streamed from Year 7 to 10 and WACE courses are offered at all levels. 

Our Mathematics Department has delivered excellent results nationally for many years in WACE and NAPLAN, as well as exceeded regional results in both areas. Many opportunities are given for students to get involved in extension activities such as maths competitions.
Parents are contacted regularly by teachers as part of the parent-teacher team approach. It is the challenge of getting every student to perform to their highest capacity that is the driving force for teachers. There is a strong emphasis on teaching students problem solving skills which enable them to tackle any problem in maths and beyond.