Loss, Damage and Condition of Return (for Parents/Guardians)


In the event of accidental loss, the Student/Parent would be required to provide a statement of circumstances leading to the loss and the School will in general apply full charge for the cost of replacement.

In the event of a school owned device being stolen the student/parent would be required to provide a Police Report Number and a statement of circumstances leading to the loss of the digital device. The School will in general apply full charge for the cost of replacement.


Should an accident occur which causes damage, the school owned device should be returned as soon as possible to the ICT Helpdesk and an incident report completed and signed by both the Parent/Guardian and the Head of ICT.

An excess of $150 will be applied to assist with the cost of repair of accidental damage for the first two instances of any accidental damage. If subsequent incidents occur, any repair is charged at the full cost of parts and labour, or replacement device cost in the circumstance the device is “written off”.

The School will not cover the cost of repairs when a device is damaged as a result of misuse or where user guidelines have not been followed as outlined in the Connect Program Agreement. The parent/guardian will in this case bear the full cost of repairs. Repeated loss or damage of a device may result in the parent/guardian bearing the full cost of replacement or repair. Determination of this will be at the School’s discretion, based upon the individual circumstances. Damage determined to be deliberate will be charged at full cost.

If accessories such as power adapters, stylus pens, detachable keyboards are lost, these are replaced at the full cost to parents/guardians.


Condition of Return

When the school owned device is returned to the School either in the event of the student leaving the School prior to the end of Year 12 or at the end of Year 9 and 12 it must be returned in excellent condition.

The description provided below defines what is considered, by the School, to be fair wear and tear.

The school owned device must be in suitable condition for resale without diminishing the value below the normal fair market value for an asset of similar age and make. Resale enables the School to keep the cost to the parents of providing the devices to a minimum.

Examples of normal wear include and are not limited to:

  • Light scratches on device casing
  • Light wear on device palm rests
  • Faded lettering on keys
  • Removable stickers/labels
  • Slight plastic colour fading

Example of normal wear would NOT include and are not limited to:

  • Missing keys
  • Cracked casing, frame or lid
  • Broken hinges or latches that do not close
  • Non-removable stickers/labels
  • Etching, excessive scratching and abnormal markings
  • Pressure patches, burns, scratches and cracks on screens
  • Major equipment discolouration, paint – including liquid paper, blood or radioactive substances requiring more than light cleaning
  • Removal of serial number identification/product tags
  • Any defects or damages covered under the manufacturer’s warranty should be dealt with and corrected prior to equipment return

Damage that disfigures the device from its normal appearance and function would be deemed to diminish the value compared to a model of equal age and make without disfigurement

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