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Leeuwin Sail a memorable experience for students.

Feature Image - Leeuwin Sail

During the last weekend of January, 34 students from the School participated in a half-day Leeuwin Sail as part of a Round Square activity with four other regional Round Square Schools.

Some of the Year 6 students’ reflect on their experiences, commenting on what was their favourite part, what they found difficult and what they learnt from this opportunity.

Luke Cotton :: My favourite part was when all the students from all schools came together and pulled up the sails. I found it fun and liked that we did it in a team. I did not find anything particularly difficult, but I learnt a lot about team building and working together with new friends from the other schools.

Grace Smith :: I really enjoyed meeting new friends from the different schools. During the day I was actually struggling to keep my hat on, so I had to tighten up the string! I learnt from the day that when you work as a team, you can get more things done.

Charlie David :: My favourite part of the day was going below deck. I found it to be very interesting as it was filled with a lot of facts about the ship. I felt the day was quite manageable and learnt how to tie many different kinds of useful knots.

Kai Reid :: I had the most fun climbing to the front of the ship and we got to see the waves go pass which was cool. I found it quite difficult to raise the sails. However, because everyone worked together as a team, we managed to do it. Through that experience, I learnt that you really need to work as a team to achieve certain things.

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