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Graduates participate in production for Australian film, ‘Go!’


In 2018 following a CinefestOz masterclass, two graduates from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, Josh Robson and James Forster, had the opportunity to intern on the set of Australian feature film ‘Go!’, which was released in January this year.

Interning on the set required long hours, with Josh and James doing a wide variety of tasks. “For the most part I worked in the art department, doing odd jobs and went on to assist the art departments runner and set dressers, with moving props and dressing the different sets,” recalled Josh.

Their passion for film shone through their work as they were both offered paid positions not long into their internship. “After two weeks, I upped my days on set as I was offered a job with B camera. This meant I was no longer just an unpaid intern. I had a specific job and got paid for my time. This role included camera set up, producer and director monitor set up along with various other tasks throughout the day,” explained James.

The internship was an invaluable experience which both challenged and taught them new skills. “The new environment and tempo of the film set put my interpersonal skills to the test as I worked with many different people throughout the day. It truly opened my eyes up to the huge world of film. On a tight budget, the amount of people it took to run the operation was phenomenal. It was very rewarding to watch the film come together day by day. I also gained a further appreciation to the work that goes into a feature film,” said James.

“Being able to gain hands-on experience on a real film set, and work with some extremely talented and passionate people with real industry knowledge, offered some of the most important mentorship to my current and future career,” added Josh, who is currently in his second year of studying Screen Production at Murdoch University.

After finishing on set, James interned at the 2018 CineFestOz film festival, and also worked on a few smaller film projects throughout the year. He enlisted in the Army in January 2019 and is currently posted to the Australian Defence Force Academy studying a bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at UNSW Canberra.

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