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Future teachers learn from their time at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

Feature Image - Pre service teachers Jade and Alicia

During Term 2, Year 6 students had the opportunity to experience different teaching styles with two pre-service teachers joining the School for their final practical placement as part of their Bachelor of Education Studies.

Ms Jade Douglas and Ms Alicia Verduci first spent time at the School in 2019 and 2020 for their second and third year placements. During that time, they made a very positive impression on the Year 6 teachers Mrs Kate Holdman and Mrs Michelle Waddingham, that they were both requested back for their final placement this year.

Both Ms Douglas and Ms Verduci were more than delighted to return to the School. “Our amazing, supportive mentors have guided us all the way through our course and we knew we would have the support of all the staff here at BCGS. The opportunities are not only amazing for the students, but for us as well, the rapport with the students here is amazing and their respect for teachers is outstanding,” said Ms Verduci.

When they were first allocated to the School, they knew it would be a very constructive experience. “I knew there would be a high level of expectation with teaching strategies and content, so I thought it would be challenging, but the continued support from our mentor teachers, set us up to succeed,” said Ms Douglas.

When asked about what they would miss most about their experience, they both said they would miss the School’s routine and community environment. “Having that support from everyone – the teachers and students, they are so lovely, and you just know that you are in a place that everyone wishes the best for you, and they are there to help you put your best foot forward.”

“We cannot thank the School enough. We had such an amazing experience that we know going into our first year of teaching next year, we have had the best development we could possibly have, because everyone has supported us,” Ms Verduci concluded.

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