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Early Learning


At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School’s purpose-built Early Childhood Centre, we have developed a curriculum that is child-originated and teacher-framed.

Our early childhood educators document, discuss and plan collaboratively to design each child’s learning according to the individual's interests, skills and abilities.

Learning is project-based which includes problem solving, activities, experiential learning, risk taking, working in flexible groups, involving children in decision making and independent experiences.

Many of the key features of Reggio Emilia inspired teaching are reflected within the Australian curriculum. Our early childhood educators apply the Reggio approach to learning to achieve the Student Outcome Statements outlined in the Framework.

A strong emphasis is placed on developing literacy and numeracy skills, which are not taught in isolation, but rather are embedded in everyday experiences. Assessment of each child’s progress is recorded and provided to parents regularly. In addition, ongoing interviews and discussions with parents and caregivers ensure the journey of growth is not only jointly developed but also transparent.

For more detailed information about our Early Learning program, please see the Downloads section below.


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