Connect Program Use Agreement (for Parents/Guardians & Students)

Information Guidelines and Responsibilities

Educational Purposes

  • Students are to use the school owned device solely for educational purposes.
  • The school owned device comes pre-installed with all the necessary applications for student use.
  • Non educational applications or data should not inhibit the use of the school owned device as a learning tool.
  • The School reserves the right to carry out operating system, software, hardware and data inspections of school owned devices at any time and remediate the device to a fully functioning condition.


Student Guidelines

  • Each student is responsible for keeping their device secure, both physically and digitally.
  • Students shall remain responsible for backing up and saving their work to the OneDrive environment. Loss of data is not a normally accepted excuse for late submission of assignments and other work.
  • When not in use or under direct teacher supervision, the school owned device is to be stored securely in the student’s locker, in the supplied bag or case.
  • School owned devices are to be kept in excellent condition, clean and free from graffiti and stickers other than those authorised by the School.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to charge their devices at home each night.
  • Students are not to remove any identification labels from their devices.
  • While travelling to and from school, school owned devices are to be stored in the provided bag or case within the student’s school bag.
  • When at School, devices are only to be used during class time and appropriate after school activities and locations.
  • The applications installed on the school owned devices are licensed to the School. Students are not permitted to copy, transfer, interfere with or delete any of the operating system, applications, configuration profiles, management accounts or other software installed on the devices.
  • The school owned devices should not be used in any manner that can, in any way, be considered illegal, offensive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, discriminatory, insulting or disruptive to any other person or class learning activity.
  • Copyright laws apply to digital copies of musical recordings, and digital video recordings. These types of files are not to be stored on the student’s device unless the recordings are the original copyrighted works of the student, or the storage of music/video files has been expressly permitted by the teacher.
  • Students are prohibited from downloading, copying and accessing games on their devices.
  • Students must report damage as soon as possible to the ICT Helpdesk. Students must not use damaged program devices/technologies.
  • Students are asked to work on their own school owned device. Students are not expected to use a device issued to another student.
  • Drinks and food should not be stored or consumed near the school owned device.
  • School owned devices should only be cleaned with appropriate materials, brushes and cloths. ICT Helpdesk will assist with the provision of the right materials for cleaning the device.
  • The cost of repair of damage, or replacement of lost items will be charged to the student/parent.

Student Usage

To participate fully in our educational program, students must understand that the use of computers and access to the internet from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School must be in support of educational research and learning and that they agree to the following conditions:


  1. While at School, or in Boarding, students will only access the internet through the School’s network (i.e. not through a mobile phone provider or other non-School internet connection). This ensures that all School internet traffic is monitored by the School’s filters.
  2. Students will not access any web page content, computer files, social media, or other materials accessible with the internet or the School network that would be considered offensive in the judgement of the School.
  3. Students will be courteous and use appropriate language in all digital communication. Students will refrain from using obscene, harassing or abusive language and will report any cases of such usage against them to their teacher, Head of House or the School Leadership Team.
  4. Students accept responsibility in regard to copyright protected material. Therefore, they will not download and redistribute any content (software, games, music, graphics, videos or text) unless authorised to do so by the copyright owner (usually the person or organisation that created the material).
  5. Students will not bring unauthorised material from home to store on their School account.
  6. Students will not bring into School any inappropriate “foreign” software or load such software onto the School system or their school owned device. In particular, this applies to any “key logging” or “hacking” applications or software.
  7. Students understand that plagiarism (presenting someone else’s work as their own) is unacceptable. Therefore, they will list any downloaded material used in the preparation of assignments in a bibliography and clearly indicate where material has been directly quoted or copied from another source.
  8. Students will not reveal personal information including names, addresses, personal photographs, credit card details and telephone numbers of their own or others via the internet or School network.
  9. Boarders are only permitted to use the School’s email system (i.e. they may not use services such as gmail, iCloud, etc.). Year 12 Boarders may set up an individual web accessible email account for the purpose of transition beyond school, in consultation with ICT Services and Boarding Staff.
  10. Students understand the content of emails sent and received on the School Network may be examined by the School. Email is neither private nor secret; it cannot be used to abuse, defame, harass or discriminate against other people, nor can it be used to send or receive inappropriate material.
  11. Students will not access, modify, copy or interfere with folders or files held on the School network other than their own work files or those that have been specified by their teacher as accessible. Students will only use the School network and/or their school owned device by logging on under their own username and password
  12. Students may not visit social media sites, chat rooms or electronic messaging when using the School network during School hours.
  13. If students violate any of the terms of this policy, they will be denied access to School computers and/or the internet for a time to be determined by the School and may face further disciplinary action as determined by the School.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Ensure students fulfil their responsibilities as outlined above.
  • Supervise student use of the device when at home including their internet use.
  • Ensure the student has their fully charged device at school each day in a condition that will enable it to be used for any educational purpose.
  • Comply with the policy of the School in relation to the return/transfer of the device in the event of the student leaving the School prior to the end of Year 12, and at the end of Year 9 and 12 when devices are returned.


For Students

Agreement to the terms and conditions(Required)
DD slash MM slash YYYY

For Parent / Guardian

Agreement to the terms and conditions(Required)
DD slash MM slash YYYY


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