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Community spirit a focus for Student Leaders

Student Leaders

Year 12 students Tara Anderson, Henry Openshaw and Maia Anderson were elected by students and staff as the 2021 School Captains and Chairperson of the Student Executive.

As passionate and committed leaders, they look forward to the year ahead to using their roles to serve their peers.

“The people are one of my favourite things about this school, so having the chance to represent them definitely excites me. There are many great people at the School, and I want to reflect that as best as I can this year,” said Henry.

“I look forward to being able to help other students have their opinions heard, and in turn, make the School a better place for everyone. I am very enthusiastic about organising school events with the Student Executive and helping improve the School for the students,” said Maia.

This year the Executive has identified the importance of ‘community spirit’ and that everyone should feel like they have a place at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School.

“With community spirit in mind, we are hoping to arrange some casual events that will help foster this sense of community, a particularly relevant goal at the beginning of the School year when there are a number of new students who have just begun their time at BCGS,” said Tara.

“Through effective communication, we hope to improve the School community and enhance student relations,” added Maia.

In speaking of their experience at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, they have valued the supportive and inclusive atmosphere and the opportunities presented to them at the School and look forward to promoting this environment through their role as well.

“I feel incredibly privileged to been given access to the wealth of activities, tools and resources available by attending BCGS,” says Henry.

“The opportunities available at the School are boundless. I can especially appreciate this as a boarder who attended primary school in a rural town. Whether it be fostering success on the sporting field and in the classroom or arranging school camps and excursions that help us to grow as individuals, Grammar provides us with the tools necessary to realise our full potential,” said Tara.

“I feel constantly supported by those around me, and BCGS is an environment where I am encouraged to put forth my opinions and ideas,” concluded Maia.

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