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Our House System

As a Christian community, the School regards caring for the individual student to be of paramount importance. A strongly established and well-resourced pastoral care system, which emphasises active responsibility, ensures that the needs of each student are met.

Each student within our School is assigned to one of the four Houses: Goldsmith, Redding, Wilson and Knight. In Secondary School, pastoral care is developed and maintained through the House system. The vertical House system encourages student leadership, a sense of belonging, support and friendship both within and across different year groups.

Each House is made up of eight Home Groups, based on a vertical age structure for students in Year 8 to Year 12. Students in Year 7 are split into four House Groups as an introduction to this pastoral care system. In Term 4, Year 7 students join a Home Group made up of Year 8 to 12 students.

It is the role of the Home Group teacher to ensure that all of the students in their care are provided with support and an environment in which self-esteem can flourish.

During the year, students participate in whole of House lunches and Houses compete against one another at the Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Sports Carnivals. Each House also has a Student House Council who meet regularly to plan activities and to represent the student voice on school committees and the Student Executive.


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