As a School, our aim is to not only to help our students develop academically; it is also to guide them as they grow into mature young people. Caring for students is central to everything we do. Our Pastoral Care system and the programmes available to students are there to support them as they grow and flourish into young men and women.

From taking part in School camps through Primary School and Secondary School, to involvement in exchanges and conferences with Round Square and volunteering within the School and beyond, our students have many opportunities to extend themselves and give back to the community.

For performers, both Primary and Secondary have an annual production, and for those with musical interest, we offer a host of private music teachers that can provide tuition at the School.

The School is also very active in a myriad of sporting competitions throughout the area, with students being able to join a School or a local club teams for evening or weekend competitions.

Please browse the various headings below to discover the range of opportunities available for your child.


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