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Children’s writer inspires creativity among students

Feature Image - Meg McKinlay

During Book Week, children’s writer and poet, Ms Meg McKinlay conducted creative writing workshops with Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School students.

“Every time I come to a school visit; I am blown away by the students. It is all to do with their enthusiasm. I am reminded of these gorgeous students with their fantastic ideas and so much enthusiasm – that is what I love. And I find I always go away motivated and energized,” said Ms McKinlay.

The interactive workshops are an opportunity for students to have an open discussion about characters and storylines, as well as improve on their creative writing skills. “I enjoyed the brainstorming session as we learnt a lot of different creative writing techniques and it helped me understand the process authors go through to write good stories,” said Year 7 student, Mihika Agrawal.

Ms McKinlay has found conducting these workshops not only helps students, but herself as a writer saying, “I actually found that it has been very useful for me as well because it has made me take a step back, and consider how I actually do write, and make this subconscious process more conscious in order to impart these principles to students and that has helped me in my own writing – when I am stuck, I can now take a step back and think about what I teach the students. Doing this is also teaching myself.”

When asked what she hoped to achieve with these workshops, Ms McKinlay said, “I hope that each one of them goes away with a little inspiration, or even an interesting thought that opens their eyes and wakes them up a little bit to be in the world in a more conscious way.”

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