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Characterisation in miniature displays

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Selected Year 5 and 6 students came together with Ms Pocock and Ms Van Rhyn to investigate characterisation. They learnt about implied characters and how these are developed in literature and then created their own implied character through setting and artifacts.
This amazing group of students worked hard to interpret the literature, discuss the techniques used and finally build their own creations that reflected their understandings.

Dean Mainstone, Year 5 :: I loved it. Art and Literature go great together.
Archie Darlow, Year 6 :: This was challenging. Good Challenging.
Grace Smith, Year 6 :: I loved making the setting as a diorama.
Jessie Major, Year 5 :: I liked learning how to make a character out of a setting without even having them in there.

These creations are now cleverly displayed among the bookshelves of the Lishman Library.

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