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Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School competes in annual Robocup Junior Competition

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Five teams from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School competed in the annual Robocup Junior Competition in Perth last week. Thanks to the support of Doral Mineral Sands, four primary teams were able to participate in the competition.

Two of the primary teams qualified for the finals on Saturday with Robots of Grammar placing first and Grammar Fire placing sixth on Friday. Grammar Fire narrowly missed out on the final playoffs placing fourth on the final day.

Some of the teams have been training for more than six months leading up to the competition and have been looking forward to it ever since they were introduced to robotics.

“We started training a few weeks into Term 1. At the beginning we started training for an hour every week, but as we got closer to competition, we started training during school holidays and even recess and lunch periods. We have been very excited for the competition!” said Charlotte Rawlinson, Year 6.

Robotics is first introduced to students in Year 4, and it provides students with basic knowledge in coding to encourage young people to take an interest in science and technology.

The competition was a very beneficial learning experience with Christopher Cunningham from Year 6 saying, “We learnt that no matter how much you train, you will always encounter a challenge you have not prepared for. It really taught us to think on our feet to overcome obstacles.”

Year 6 student, Jamie Harrison found that on top of learning how to code, he enjoyed being able to spend quality time with his friends, “I love that you can do it with your friends. Problem solving together, and the feeling of triumph when the robot does what you intend it to do, it is the best feeling when you share it with your friends.”

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