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Australian Music Examinations Board results

Bunbury holds music exams in the months of May, September and November, with nationally accredited examiners visiting from Perth to mark the performances. Music exams with Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) represent assessments and qualifications that are internationally recognised and respected. For more than 100 years, AMEB has set the benchmark for musical performance in Australia and has launched the careers of generations of performers and teachers. Our very own Director of Music, Mrs Lynette Fahie has passed 14 AMEB exams and says, “I am very proud of our students who undertook their music exams recently.”

The following results are from the month of September exam:

Morgan David Honours Violin Repertoire Grade 1
Alyssa Ong Honours Violin Repertoire Grade 1
Ian Du Plessis Credit Violin Repertoire Grade 1
Elizabeth Beaudry Honours Violin Repertoire Preliminary
Dharmik Kadaparalla High Credit Viola Repertoire Grade 2
Joseph Margono Credit Violin Comprehensive Grade 2
Charlie David Honours Clarinet Comprehensive Grade 2


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