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The Arts

The motto of the Arts learning area is 'Create and Inspire'. Students are encouraged to express themselves and their unique ideas through a variety of media and performance opportunities.

The Arts is an area where students can be themselves, where anything is possible, where they are supported in their endeavours by talented and creative staff to challenge pre-conceived conceptions and develop new art works.

Although many artistic endeavours are individual, in the Arts learning area we encourage a team approach. This enables students to develop co-operative skills and learn to work together with a range of people, ideas and approaches. The Arts learning area encompasses a range of disciplines.

Drama - through practical classes, students develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills, learn to improvise and adapt to new situations, interpret texts and stage directions, learn how to use equipment and work in a theatre and eventually write and present their own scripts and productions.
Media - through examination of print media and film students learn how the media functions in society, they learn how to communicate and express their own ideas through film, develop co-operative skills in writing and producing films to communicate effective messages and eventually produce their own individual short films.

Music - in practical classes students develop skills in listening to and writing music, they learn about the instruments that make music and famous writers and performers of music, they have the opportunity to play instruments and sing in a variety of styles from classical to jazz and contemporary music.

Visual Arts - a hands-on approach is used to develop students' skills in 2D and 3D forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, print making, graphics, textiles and mixed media. Attention is given to acquiring skill in the manipulation of artistic elements leading to the exhibition of finished pieces.

Co-curricular opportunities include participation in Art Club, art competitions and exhibitions, the annual Drama production, various film competitions, instrumental music lessons on the full range of orchestral instruments plus drums, guitar and voice, and participation in a range of musical ensembles such as Orchestra, Concert Bands, Jazz Ensembles and the Community Choir.