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Alumnus inspires future health professionals

Feature Image - MAAHP Physio session

As part of the Medical and Allied Health Program at the School, local Physiotherapist and ex-student, Mr Sean Cowan (00) spoke to students about Physiotherapy as a career and focused on knee injuries within sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Mr Cowan has been a mentor with the Program since its launch in 2019. “I think it is really good to catch up with young people who are enthusiastic about becoming healthcare providers,” said Mr Cowan.

“Hopefully I can give a few students who are interested in being physiotherapists a bit of useful information, to help them decide if it is what they would like to pursue or not,” he added.

Year 12 student, Samuel Kirke, found the session with Mr Cowan beneficial and informative, saying, “I like the outlook of something to do with sport. Being a sports physician is my first option then following that would be a physiotherapist. The session showed me what I can expect through doing this profession.”

Another Year 12 student, Kate Peacock, who aspires to be a physiotherapist herself agreed, “I definitely found the session informative as it assisted to confirm that physiotherapy is something, I am definitely aspiring towards. I learnt a lot about anterior cruciate ligament injuries and will hopefully be completing a half-day of work experience at Kombana Physiotherapy in the holidays.

Sessions like this aim to provide students with real-world insights into specific health professions as well as hands-on experience with health-related practices.

“I really hope that there are more sessions like this. I would love to have more time to ask questions as I really learn a lot from a relaxed conversation. I am very thankful for this learning experience and I will be taking everything Mr Cowan said on board,” said Kate.

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