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A sensational experience at Dryandra

The students enjoyed 4 days exploring the Dryandra Woodland National Park, located near the Wheatbelt town of Narrogin. The woodland features the largest remnant of native vegetation in the western Wheatbelt. The staff and students all enjoyed the opportunity to explore and get close to nature and to see and do things they may not normally experience. One of the highlights was  the Barna Mia Nocturnal Experience.

Billy :: I really enjoyed visiting Barna Mia and seeing all the animals- we saw bilby’s, mala and woylie’s.

Hunter :: I liked going for the 5km walk, as we got to see lots of nature.

Manuel :: I really like going to Barna Mia as we saw lots of different animals.

Georgia :: I liked sleeping, as it was really quiet!

Mr Murray :: It was fantastic to see the students trying different things, including food! It was amazing on the first night, when we all went to a clearing and laid down and looked up at the stars- for five minutes in silence. I also found learning about the animal trapping and release program really interesting. A sensational camp!


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