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A camp to connect and strive for wellbeing

Late last year, the current Year 12 students were asked how the School could help support their Wellbeing in their final year. They asked for a Wellbeing camp, nothing too structured but just a night away with their peers. The camp that followed was based on the School’s Wellbeing model (PERMAH); striving to incorporate Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment and Health.

“We were delighted with what evolved – a great two days away where students were able to recharge and connect with peers. They enjoyed Paddleboarding, warm fuzzies, spotlight, hungry kookaburras, camp fires, bocci, sleep talking, garlic bread, singalongs, kangaroo wrestling, chocolate savouring and connecting with each other,” said Mr Andrew Lincoln, Deputy Head, Wellbeing.

School Captain Charlie Youngson agreed the camp was very successful “Camp was like a burning flame igniting the hearts and lives of our weary cohort, re-invigorating our drive and passion,” he stated.


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