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Wednesday, 22 November

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South Regional TAFE

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18 to 20 December

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Term 4, 2017

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Challenge & Extension

At Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, our well resourced and strategically structured Challenge and Extension Programme takes an individualised approach to talent development. We provide a set of enrichment and extension opportunities formulated into a comprehensive programme which reflects current best practice in the education of gifted learners. Our capacity to individualise and tailor learning opportunities to the interests and developmental needs of students as they progress through the School enables the enrichment and support required to assist your child to achieve their potential.

Please contact the relevant Challenge & Extension Co-ordinator should you wish to discuss your child's inclusion or involvement in our Challenge and Extension Programmes:

Secondary School     Mrs Jane Kirkham

Primary School          Mrs Amanda Dunn

To read more about the range of extension activities offered, please view the our Challenge and Extension document below.


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